AI agency for brands and talent

Brask Doubles provides the end-to-end service and AI toolkit you need to create authentic, digital content with any individual–without their physical presence but with their explicit consent. Ethically. Legally. Instantly.

We supercharge celebrity endorsements with hyper-realistic and cost-effective AI tools

AI Digital Doubles

Digital Double, Brask's AI technology, seamlessly integrates faces and voices into any kind of content.


Upcycle your creative campaigns: update messaging, customise appearance and integrate objects – all with AI magic.


Scale your creative content to different markets – let AI help your heroes speak the same language as your global audiences.

10x impact with AI same marketing budget

As your AI advisor and growth partner, we put hyper-realistic quality and content authenticity first

In-house AI research team

The team behind the Brask AI Lab is made up of highly experienced engineers who work tirelessly to reveal the untapped potential of AI in video content.

With exclusive access to cutting edge technologies, our clients become frontrunners in the AI race.

Brask AI Lab

In-house legal team

Our team of world-class, intellectual property lawyers actively support the creative processes of our clients through the provision of expert licensing and rights negotiation services.

We ensure our clients have complete legal ownership and creative control over their Digital Doubles, as we believe that AI-generated content is only truly authentic when all parties have expressly given their consent to its use.

AI Ethics


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